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The Engineer and Builder.
Chris - the engineer and handyman that grew up doing carpentry from an early age in the US. Having both the technical background from his degree in civil engineering, and the love for building design makes every project suitable for the customer, you will have something that will last.
Chris works directly with clients to work through the concept and design process up to a final product.
The Architect.
Vilde grew up in Norway and returned after taking her bachelors at the university of Boulder, CO, USA where she met Chris. She has since she took her masters degree in Architecture from NTNU, worked as a full-time architect.
Both Vilde and Chris work close together in the design process to get the best solution possible, no time to waste on communication between the architect and the engineer/ carpenter. We are here to help you through the concept and design process, until a finished product. 
Carpentry / Handyman work
Custom design / furniture
Architectural drawings for smaller housing projects / furniture design  
Dependent on project: Fastpris / timespris
Lets chat, and make a fair deal!
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